NO health RISKS

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Advantages of NON-SURGICAL HAIR REPLACEMENT systems or next gen wigs

No health risks

Hair Restoration Services Without Health Risks

Unlike surgery and medication, Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems or Next Gen Wigs do not put your body at risk.

You will not have to deal with anesthesia, side effects, pain, bleeding, infections, the recovery process, and medication.

Other than a rare allergic reaction to the adhesive substances, no risk is implied.

Guaranteed results

Next Gen Wigs. Hair Restoration Services with Guaranteed Results

One of the biggest disadvantages of surgery and medication for hair replacement is that results may not come as you desire.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement comes to hand in every situation, no matter your degree of hair loss, or desired hair features, you will get the amount of natural hair that matches your head and style.

Next Gen Wigs with Guarantee!

Instant results

Hair Restoration Services with Instant Result

Hair population by surgery may take at least six months to see some results. And medication takes its time as well.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems application is really simple, and the process very short in time. You just select the hair you desire, our technicians put and glue the system to your head, and that is it, you are ready to go and enjoy life!


Hair Restoration Services with Reversible Result for your wigs

If you get hair replacement surgery or medication, the result is going to be permanent.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems are intended to be flexible. If you do not like what you see, you can change it instantly, or you can stop using it.

One day you like one style but the day after that you like another? You just change it!

Many styling possibilities

Hair Restoration Services with Many Styling Possibilities for your Wig

With the surgical hair replacement method, you just get the donor's hair for life.

On the other hand, the Non-surgical Hair Replacement Method, no matter your age or gender, it is going to let you choose hair color, its density, length, style, and more.

And then you can change it every time you desire!


Hair Restoration Services with Affordable Prices for WIgs

Hair replacement surgery is a complex operation and may take several qualified professionals in order to get the best results, also it may take several sessions. That is why it is very expensive, and there is no insurance protection.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems are really affordable and prices are so, so much lower in comparison to surgical methods!

WHY Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Hair loss is a common condition among a third of men over 35, but it also affects women and children, and it tends to increase with age.

There are many ways to treat hair loss, from therapy, medication, to hair replacement surgery and non-surgical procedures. They all depend on the person’s condition and the hair loss degree.

In case you don't have much loss of hair, people usually use, and we recommend two options that can be combined for better hair boost:
1. Laser Hair Therapy2. Hair Regrowth Systems & Products
But if you suffer a great loss of hair, there are three hair replacement options people usually look at:
A non-surgical hair replacement system or next gen wig, is the best option for hair loss
The first one is surgery, which we don't recommend since it has many risks for your health, like side effects, bleeding and infection. And it is really expensive!

The second option is the old generation toupee, but these are not as comfortable and natural looking as you would need.

And the third and best option is our Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems or Next Gen Wigs. With the best look and feel, and the best materials and natural hair you can find.

We provide you the finest and most diverse hairstyles and colors you can find in the market!
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WHY SHOULD you Choose us?

instant hair restoration service

We provide you this service as a client custom, and instant hair restoration method, where in no time you will have the look and feel you desire for your hair.

state of the art Customized systems or wigs

Applying the latest materials for your system or wig, using the most advanced techniques, like Perimeter Bond, Full Bond, TapeOn, and Cable. Adjusting the process to the parameters of your head and your requirements, like dimensions, the hair color, its texture, density, and style. Only with human high quality hair.

Improved  CONFIDENCE & lifestyle

Now you can go to parties, swim in the beach, enjoy the day outside with family and friends. All without the worry of not being socially accepted because of your hair loss. And no one will ever know you are using one of our systems.

We give you the confidence and the hair look and feel everybody desires.

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